Going to College: A Whole New Social Life?

Bascom Hall on the UW Madison campus in Madison, WI | Flickr
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After four years of attending the same high school and seeing the same faces every day, it was exciting yet terrifying to think that I would be leaving my best friends behind. However, after coming to college, I soon realized that there would be far fewer opportunities to meet my high school friends due to our different schedules, having our colleges all over the country, and simply not being in the same area for most of the year. Although making new friends and beginning a new social life at college may be exciting, here are three tips for your social life during “pre-college” time.

1.Spend time with high school friends

It may become difficult to meet your high school friends when some move to California, some to Boston, and some to Wisconsin. Even during breaks, they may be on vacation with their families or friends, which makes it hard to find time to meet each other. If I were to go back to “pre-college” time, I would dedicate more of my summer to spending more time with my high school friends, such as going out for brunch, coffee, or going on a walk together.

2. Go on trips with your friends

Going on trips is one of the best ways to create memories that you’ll cherish forever. Going on a beach trip, or even somewhere farther away, are perfect opportunities to spend time with your friends and make memories. I went on multiple trips during my “pre college” time and made memories that helped me push through the stress of my first semester at college.

3. Join Facebook groups to meet fellow Badgers

It’s never too early to start meeting new people. Joining Facebook groups to meet fellow Badgers is a great way to not only start conversations but also meet possible roommates. If you’re worried about your new upcoming social life at UW-Madison, joining UW-Madison Facebook groups is a great option!

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