Why Is A Winter Hat & Scarf Combo a Freshman Year Must Have?

Coming in to college, I wasn’t sure what winter fashion was necessary for the frozen tundra! Here are my top 3 reasons for why the winter hat & scarf are the most important pieces for your freshman year wardrobe:

  1. It’s COLD: Walking to class in the middle of February, zipping up your winter jacket just won’t cut it! The added layers from a big winter scarf and warm hat are vital
  2. They’re Cute: Because every college freshman is adapting to this brutally cold climate, everyone is wearing hats and scarves! Some classic brands of winter hats are Adidas, Herschel, and Love Your Melon
  3. It spices up an outfit: These hats add something to the classic black winter jacket look, allowing you to create your own flare even in the craziest of weather conditions!
  4. Easy to take off when you get to class: After climbing up the stairs or hiking up Bascom Hill and entering a heated lecture hall, you can get HOT very quickly. The great thing about these two wardrobe staples is that you can easily strip these extra layers right after you get inside!

There’s a lot of talk about what to wear, how to dress for the warmth, and what makes going to class cute & chic freshman year. If you’re trying to stay warm and dress to impress, these two pieces of wardrobe will get you through those long winter walks up Bascom Hill!

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