Melting Mendota: Let’s Break the Ice!

Coming to college can mean a lot of things: freedom, change, growth, and so much more! However, entering this new chapter of your life can also mean starting over, which is not always easy. Luckily for you, there are so many ways to make this transition as smooth as possible. For one, finding people that you trust is a great first step in the college process. What are ways in which you can take that big, first step? Let’s break the ice!

Leave the door open! Whenever you finally get settled in your dorm, don’t be afraid to show your neighbors that you’re ready to get to know them. Obviously this can still be done if you live in an apartment building, but make sure that you are being smart and safe! It is a tradition in many dormitory buildings, such as Sellery or Witte, to leave your door open during the first few days of move in. This gives people on your floor a chance to stop by and meet you! Don’t be afraid to look down the hall and say hi to your neighbors as well! Everyone wants to make friends!

It’s terrace time! Now that you have found a few people to spend your time with, recommend that your new group explore Madison! While there are a million amazing things to do in this city, a trip to the terrace never gets old. This is the perfect location to have fun and get to know the people you’re with. Grab a slice of pizza from Strada, a yummy sandwich from Rathskellar, or even some ice cream! Then, take a seat on one of the very colorful chairs, enjoy the view of Lake Mendota, listen to live music, and so much more!

Another easy way to break the ice with your “first week friends” is to go on a class tour! This means each of you looks through your own class schedule and, together, you go to each class location and find the building. This is a great opportunity for all of you to familiarize yourselves with your schedule, the campus, and each other!

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