Don’t Be A Karen: 3 Tips to Find Your Home Away From Home

source: Reddit

Be Yourself!

The best persons you can be is you. Wanna know why? Because there is no nobody else on this earth that is exactly like you. Sure, we all have our similarities, but the most interesting part about you is where you come from and how you came to be the person that stepped foot at one of the best public universities in the world!!

Be Openminded.

It is SO important to hear people out. There are close to 50,000 people on campus. All ranging from future CEO’s to the next Andrew Callaghan. The next person you meet could become your best friend, if you hear them out long enough.

Don’t Judge.

Lastly, no one likes a “judgy” person. I mean seriously, who are you to judge anyone? You’re not their parents, you probably don’t know them well or what they’ve been through, and what what’s going on with you that you feel you can judge someone at the juvenile point in your life. Look in the mirror, bud. Also, I don’t even think parents should judge their children, so there you go.

So go on out there kid and show the world who you are. Just please for the love of God, be respectful, and think of others before yourself.


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