How To Survive The Wisconsin Winter In Style

When the weather drops below zero in Madison, it seems almost impossible to drag yourself out of bed for your 9am lecture, let alone look good doing it. But, it’s not impossible. The goal here is meeting practicality with fashion-forward- and I’m going to give you some tips on how to achieve that!

Don’t be afraid of color!

Puffer jackets, vests, scarfs, gloves, hats. All of the essentials you will need to survive the freezing winter here in Madison. But, let’s add some spice to those essentials. Layering your favorite staple pieces with bright pops of color elevates a look and makes you stand out. Throwing on a white hoodie, bright blue puffer, white beanie and white gloves makes for a comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly practical outfit for class when the weather seems unbearable. Easy way to brighten up the gray Madison winter days!

Keeping The Ears Warm

If you’ve been in the Madison winter you know that walking up Bascom Hill in the snow makes you feel like your ears will fall off. So, let’s keep them covered! Earmuffs are all the rage right now. Not only do they look adorable, they keep your ears warm and covered- you can also put your earbuds in under them for your pre-class music sesh. Fur ball hats are another classic. The elevated version of the classic beanie that goes with any outfit. Lastly, the classic we just mentioned: beanies. Buying the same $7 beanie from Amazon in every color is a must- not only will it keep your warm but it adds the level of street-style to your outfit that everyone is going for lately. Keeping your ears warm is the key to surviving your walks through the Wisconsin winter.

Bella Hadid Surviving The New York Winter In Her Bright Blue Earmuffs

The Shoes Complete The Look

Just because your shoes need to be warm doesn’t mean they can’t be cute! Mini Uggs are all the rage right now, and deservingly so. Easy to slip on on your way out the door, super warm and obviously comfy. They are the perfect addition for your winter wardrobe and will help you survive the winter while looking good. MoonBoots are another favorite of the last winter season and we are all here for their comeback. Go for the low-top boot and maybe try a fun color!

It seems like our goal has been achieved! Hopefully these tips and tricks help you achieve practicality while also being fashion-forward this upcoming Wisconsin winter!

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