A 3-Decade Fashion Flashback: Why Flannels are a Critical Staple in Your College Wardrobe

In the 1990’s grunge was king, and nothing says grunge like a nice worn flannel tied around your waist. But as it turns out, they aren’t just for looks.

Madison has a unique climate being on an isthmus, and the weather fluctuates a lot. It is not uncommon to step out of class only to find it significantly colder than when you went in. Flannels are a great way to have a light-weight method to convert your warm-weather outfit into a cool-weather outfit.

Madison also has a great, outdoorsy lifestyle, where fishing, biking, and other outdoor activities are highly encouraged. Flannels are warm, lightweight, and durable, making them ideal for a nice Autumn hike through the arboretum. I always find my wool flannels particularly useful in the damp weather of Wisconsin, as the flannel will be moisture-wicking, and help keep you dry and warm on rainy day adventures .

And potentially the most important pro-flannel argument: they are fashionable. We all know that vintage styles are making a comeback, making 90’s fashion not so obsolete. They provide a nice rustic look, and the wide variety of plaids and color schemes allow for a degree of uniqueness in every shirt.

When gearing up for your first year here at the UW-Madison, don’t forget your flannel shirt- you’ll thank me once it starts to get chilly here!



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