Become a Vegan Dorm Room Chef in Five Easy Steps


Are you vegan and worried about maintaining your lifestyle in college? You needn’t worry, I am here to help! Three years ago, I moved halfway across the world to a new country, in a city referred to as “the dairy state.” As you can imagine, I was worried about what my diet would look like in a dorm room, as a vegan. I quickly learned some tricks which I used throughout my freshman year and I am here to share them with you. 

  1. Invest in a microwave food cookerThis handy dandy item was my Holy Grail for everything from pasta, potatoes, raw veggies, rice… You can cook pretty much all the essentials in this little thing. 
  2. Stock up on canned beans and lentils: They come in handy in salads, pastas, on a bowl of rice and veggies. 
  3. Buy a single serving blender: fruit tends to go bad quickly in dorm rooms, so you’ll want to stock up on some frozen fruits. 
  4. Use your dorm’s kitchen: you can find tips on how best to use your dorm’s kitchen here
  5. Go out, have fun, and try new places: Trying out new places will inspire you to get experimental in your dorm kitchen. I can guarantee you’ll find something you can eat at most restaurants. Some of my favorites include:
    1. Bloom Bake Shop: great if you are craving some baked goods. My favorite is the Sweet Potato Chai cupcake! 
    2. Ian’s Pizza: A night out essential! (Pro-tip: Monday nights are vegan night). 
    3. Dumplinghaus: Some of the best Asian food you’ll have in Madison
    4. Bowl of Heaven: If you’re into smoothies, this is the place for you! 

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