A Binder’s BFF

Coming to college, you have a huge list of stuff to bring. Extra hangers, your shower caddy, and of course school supplies. After having your parent look it over at least 3 times, you’re sure you remembered everything. But a couple days into classes, you start getting worksheets to put in your course binder. You break into a nervous sweat and realize you forgot one important tool: a 3 hole punch.

It’s a very overlooked item. Not everyone uses it; however, here’s why its so significant:

1. It keeps your homework (and life) organized.

Using folders seems to be a valid idea. But, some courses require a TON of papers, and then searching can become a mess. With a 3 hole punch, you can transform your pages and organize your notes with ease.

2. It is super simple to use.

This video shows you just how easy it is to use 3 hole punches.

3. They come in a variety of different types.

Not only can you get the basic 3 hole punch that can be stored in your desk, but there are also portable ones that fit in a binder. These are ideal if you want to punch your papers as soon as you get them. A singular hole punch, typically used for crafting, should work fine as well (just make sure to measure out and line up your spacing).

Be more prepared!

Now some of you might be shaking your head, saying “nah, I don’t think I’ll ever use one”. But trust me, throughout your classes, you’ll come to realize that 3 hole punches will become your (and your binder’s) new bff.

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