The truth about living on the notorious Mifflin St.

If you are an incoming freshman at UW- Madison, there is a chance that you know about Mifflin street. Once you come to campus, Mifflin street will become almost second nature. When looking for houses, my roommates and I wanted to live on Mifflin because of the social life. We now rent a house on Mifflin, but there is so much more to living on this street than we expected. On the weekend, Mifflin is one of the most fun places ever. Houses filled with friends hanging out and having a good time. One thing we did not expect was how often people would want to come to our house. Every weekend our friends stroll into our house, which is no big deal, but it is just a lot to have people over all the time. In regards to the social life, it is great on the weekends, but during the week there will still be people hanging out and making a lot of noise when some people would rather just go to bed. Of course towards the end of the year there is the famous Mifflin street block party. Thousands of people pour into the street and celebrate finishing classes. Living on Mifflin during this block party is a little different. A constant flow of people through my house made for a really hard time controlling what was going on. Knowing that one slip up could cause something really bad to happen, this event is very stressful. Mifflin is a great place to live if you are sociable, but if you tend to keep to yourself, I would recommend living somewhere else.

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