How to utilize your dorm kitchen

You’ve hit that time in which you are sick of the dinning hall’s food. Weather you don’t like it’s regularity or the taste, have no fear! Every UW dorm has a kitchen. Some dorms like Dejope have a kitchen on every floor while most of the South East dorms only have kitchens in the basement. Heres how I maximized my dorm kitchen even though it was in a different building!

Here are some things you will need to think about before your culinary adventure:

  • What pots and pans do you need? UW allows you to rent out cooking dishes from your front desk.
  • Do you have knifes, cutting boards or bowls? How will you chop and mix ingredients? Create a compressive list with EVERYTHING you will need 
  •  Do you have cleaning supplies? Be a good person and clean your dishes and your mess before you leave.
  • What will you eat on/with? Do you have plates and silverware?
  • What time are you planning on using the kitchen? 6-7pm is peak time for dinner

Time to cook:

  1. Create an action plan & Do your research!
    • What are you going to make? How many ingredients do you need to buy?
  2. Get all your supplies- utilize your bus pass and head over to Trader Joes or Metcalfe (use the 2 or 10)
  3. Cook, Clean, Eat and Enjoy!

Cooking in your dorm kitchen is always a nice change of pace from the dinning hall! Just make sure you think things through before starting to cook.


Bon Appetite & Happy Cooking!

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