Channel Your Inner Creativity and Childhood-Self this Quarantine

As we all are quarantined in our homes in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, finding activities to consume some time, besides Netflix, may seem impossible. With a decline in daily activities people turn to being couch potatoes to fulfill their sense of boredom. However, coloring is a therapeutic activity that will help consume a majority of time during quarantine days and help people release their creativity. I have personally turned to coloring to relieve some of my stress, and simply to satisfy my own need to stay creative that has persisted during quarantine! 

With all these stay-at-home and social distancing orders, coloring is a simple and calming activity especially because there are no rules. There are many benefits that coloring can have for people in these tough times, those being:

1. Coloring is extremely relaxing as it increases mindfulness and satisfaction

These tough times has induced stress on pretty much everyone, even those who aren’t susceptible to it. Coloring is an outlet that will help relieve that stress and help clear your mind.

2. You are in complete control of everything 

COVID-19, along with the many other events of 2020, has taught us that it is impossible to always be in control. You may feel helpless in these times, but coloring can help ground you by putting you in control. 

3. Coloring allows you to be creative 

Creativity is key! Coloring may help you hone some new creativity skills you didn’t even know you had! 

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