5 Reasons Fishing Should Be Your Go-To Quarantine Activity

Instead of counting down the days to get back to campus, try out a new hobby to pass the time! Fishing is the perfect skill to acquire — and an easy way to flex on your friends when you get back to Lake Mendota.

1. Get Back to Nature!

Just because we are social isolated does not mean you have to stay in your home all day! Spending time in nature tends to improve self-awareness by creating connection with our environment. With our campus being surrounded by two beautiful lakes, it is so easy to appreciate this connection with nature.

2. Basically Meditation

Tired of yoga? Try holding a rod and a bait! That’s right, all the work and patience put into hooking an angler is a repetitive action that becomes like therapy — without the cost per session.

3. Gain Some Survival Skills

Ever wonder if you could survive in a zombie apocalypse? Fishing is one of those skills that has been around forever and will continue to be. It is a great tool to have in your belt when looking to source some food when out in the wild. You’ll have a higher likelihood than your non-fishing friends of surviving an apocalypse!

4. Disguised Exercise

In a country with over half of the population being obese, we could all use more activities to get moving. In addition to taking some walks outdoors, go fishing to burn those extra quarantine calories. Being outdoors encourages a healthier way of life — who needs a salad when you can just go fishing?!

5. Happy Vibe Check

It is an easy way to boost those serotonin levels, while still maintaining social distancing. It is a happy way to share an experience with your family or to get out of the house for some alone time!

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