How to Answer the Most Important Interview Question: “Why should we hire you?”

Having a sense of business knowledge is versatile for any major at the University of Wisconsin. Specifically, when interviewing for jobs, individuals need to know how to market themselves and discover their unique selling point. The exact class to learn to market yourself in the competitive workforce is Marketing 300! 

I enjoyed Marketing 300 for several reasons:

  • Unique Selling Point: I discovered my unique selling point and created an elevator speech to tell business professionals in interviews and during career fairs.
  • Marketing Fundamentals: I grasped onto a deeper understanding of basic concepts including the impact of price, promotion, product, and packing, that I will apply in my future career.
  • Real Life Examples: The professor integrated many engaging real life examples to her lectures. Some marketing successes and flops you may discuss would be the chicken sandwich craze in 2019, or the Hoover vacuum promotion of 1992.

Again, since business is so versatile, this three credit marketing class would be a great start for any student. This course is an easier introduction to business concepts and not only to learn business fundamentals, but to find ways to market yourself. The course includes a larger lecture compiling of ~200 students along with smaller discussion sections. Laurie Brachman has years of experience in marketing from reputable brands and is teaching Fall 2020. Below is a link for more information about Ms. Brachman and her research.

Take Marketing 300 for an intro to relatable topics, since everyone is a consumer, and discover how to answer the most important question in an interview, “why should be hire you.”

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