It’s Your First Night “Going Out”, Now What?

POV: You just moved into Sellery and now you’re determined to meet other freshman in a “going out” setting. Except there’s one thing: you have no idea where to go.

Lucky for you, I have three suggestions for a typical night out for freshman that go to UW-Madison!

Option 1: Hit the Bars!

Sconnie Bar

Sconnie Bar or “Sconnie’s” is a classic freshman bar, making it a great spot to potentially make some new friends! You’ll likely have to get a ride because it is far if you live on campus, but worth the ride.


Conveniently enough, Lucky’s is across the street from Sconnie, located on Regent Street. It is also a typical freshman bar, making it a great spot for a first night out!

Option 2: Langdon Street

Welcome to fraternity row! Langdon street is conveniently lined with 15+ fraternities that will likely be having events any day of Syllabus Week.

Around 10:00 PM is fair game to walk down with some friends and see what’s happening.

Option 3: Dorm Parties!

Ideally on your floor there will likely be a room playing loud music and there are 15+ freshman hanging out.

Knock and ask to join in, or even better, invite other people on your floor to come to your dorm room! Keep in mind COVID restrictions during this, as the dorms were quite strict for gatherings during the past school year.

I hope you enjoyed my three suggestions and good luck on your first night “going out”!

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