These Apps Will Boost Your Studying Skills to Another Level

On the first day of classes of my first year, I probably downloaded 30 new apps on my phone in order to “stay organized.” Truth is, I never even opened half of them. I’m going to spare you from doing the same by showing you exactly which apps you will absolutely need and use to survive your first academic semester as a student at UW-Madison.

Firstly, Quizlet. It’s hard to make any excuses for studying when Quizlet is available. Quizlet is free and will provide you with the best learning tools for studying.

The next application you’ll want is Canvas Student. UW-Madison uses Canvas to contain your courses. Having the app downloaded will help you easily check grades, assignments, professor’s announcements/messages, and more.

You also might consider downloading some Google applications, such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc. Every semester I upload my course times to my Google Calendar to stay on top of my schedule.

Finally, you must use a planner of some sort. Whether it’s an app like The Homework App, Agenda., My Study Life, MinimaList – To Do List, or one of the many others, having a planner will be your best friend in college. Go through your syllabus in the beginning of the semester and keep track of all of those deadlines by recording the dates in one of these apps. There’s no harm in being prepared!

Check out all of these on your device’s application store, but don’t stop your search there. Keep an open mind for newer apps as your phone/tablet/other devices will end up helping you more often with your studies in college.

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