Saving and Spending Tips for Your Pre-College Transition

As an incoming freshman, the months between getting accepted into college and moving day can be exciting, daunting, and at times stressful. But have no fear! Here are some tips to help you as you start to transition into college life:

Save Your Money

We have all heard the stereotype of being a “broke college student” who eats ramen noodles for dinner four days a week. Although this stereotype may or may not happen to you, saving your money the summer before going to college is a great way to invest in your future experiences once you get on campus, like buying season tickets to the Badger football games!

Ramen noodles: a college student’s friend.

Save Pictures to Bring With You

Although it may sound ‘cheese-y,’ saving and bringing photos of friends and family when on campus is a great way to capture good moments, while also having something sentimental with you. Plus, they also double as great dorm decorations!

Spend Time

Remember to spend time with family and close friends during your pre-college transition months. I found that spending meaningful time with family before the start of school was a great way to begin preparing for being away for a long time; and looking back in a few years later it can be pretty nostalgic.

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