There are 85 Buckys–How Many Can You Find?

Unit 2, Night Life

Not sure how to spend your first few nights in Madison as a Badger? Problem solved.  Grab some new friends and set out on a Bucky Badger scavenger hunt.  That’s right, there are 85 life-size statues of THE Bucky Badger in Madison and throughout Dane County.

This event, called Bucky on Parade, was organized by the Madison Area Sports Commission.  85 statues of Bucky were produced  to be designed and painted on by 62 artists from the Madison area.

The statues were first revealed at a VIP Bucky on Parade event in the Wisconsin Field House.  Now you can find the statues all over campus and beyond. They will be on display around Madison from May 7th through September 12th, 2018.  The event will conclude with an auction of the statues to support Garding Against Cancer and Madison Area Sports Commission.

The artists had a lot of creative freedom when designing their own Bucky so there’s a wide variety of statues you can find.  Some of the highlights include a Barry Alvarez Bucky posted up at Camp Randall, a terrace inspired Bucky overlooking Lake Mendota and a golden Bucky at an undisclosed location.

The Bucky on Parade website has information about the statues and the artists, how the event was made possible and an interactive map of all of the Buckys.  You can even join the Bucky on Parade fan club by subscribing to their email list.

Sounds pretty cool, right? So print out some maps, think of a prize for the winner and go find some Buckys!

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