Following a Food Truck—Nightly Guide to Good Tacos


One thing to know about Madison is that you should enjoy all the nice weather while you can—what better way than eating outside. Eat El Grito Taqueria! El Grito is a local food truck, with the new addition of an ice cream cart called MIJO, that pops up in different spots around town. One night a week on the West Side, one night on the East Side, plus pop ups at other nightly events around town—weather permitting. It’s almost a game to see where you’ll find their truck (well, they really have two) next.

Each night they serve 3 different types of tacos, always including at least one veggie option. This menu rotates quickly, so don’t miss out on ones that sound good, but this rotation also allows for a new experience every visit.

I would argue that these are some of the best tacos in Madison. Two guys started the truck three years ago—each winter they travel around Mexico and the South West to discover new flavors. Besides tacos, they have fun and delicious vegetable sides—yes, fun vegetables—as well as homemade juices and horchata. The horchata also transfers over to one of their MIJO ice cream flavors, it’s freaking amazing.

A plus for us college students is that they are super reasonably priced: $3 a taco!! Another great part is that is they do not cut quality for cost—everything is handmade, sustainably produced, and natural.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop: @elgritotaqueria and @mijofrozentreats

Pro Tip: Go early, they sell out very quickly!

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