The “Ten Commandments” for College

It’s your first time away from home. Your parents aren’t there to put three meals a day on your plate. You have to organize your life without any help. What do you do? Here the “Ten Commandments” for college:

1. Always get enough groceries for the week– you don’t want to make more than one trip to the grocery store.

2. Make a daily routine for yourself — this includes laundry, exercise, etc.

3. Find friends you know you can count on — don’t get caught in the wrong crowd.

4. Focus on academics — that is why you’re there!

5. Remember to call your parents —  they love hearing your voice just as much as you love hearing theirs.

6. Use all of the campus tools possible — The Writing Center is a great tool for papers.

7. Sleep comes first — you can’t operate without at least 7 hours of sleep.

8. Know when you’re not feeling well — getting sick in college is not fun.

9. Keep yourself organized — this is good preparation for the real world.

10. Don’t put things off until tomorrow — make lasting memories today!

I know how hard the transition can be to leave home. While some of these tips on this list may be simple, if you follow the “Ten Commandments” for college, you will do in your next four years!

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