3 Important “Adulting Hacks” I Learned From Getting Drunk In College

Going into college, I was under the impression that there were two types of students: those who studied and those who partied. However, the University of Wisconsin defied my expectations, as students often juggled both. While there were more than a handful of occasions where I should’ve stayed in and studied instead of going out with my friends, there were three very important “adulting hacks” that I learned from getting drunk in college.

  1. Drinking is a shockingly good way to network. Everyone’s inhibitions are down, and it allows you to talk to people that you may see around campus in a more comfortable setting. While excessive partying may not help you in the long run, a little partying can be beneficial to your future.
  2. Getting drunk teaches you how to take care of yourself. We’ve all been there — we’re one too many in and you’re at a point of no return. You wake up the next day with all the regret in the world, and vow to yourself that it won’t happen again. Getting drunk in college is a microcosm for everything you do in life. It’s about finding your balance, and sometimes, that comes with learning the hard way.
  3. You learn to surround yourself with good friends. On occasions where things didn’t go as planned, or you may have had too much to drink (see adulting hack #2), your friends are often the ones that you can rely on to make sure you’re safe. Those who you can rely on during these situations can turn into your life long friends.

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