For Protection and Safety!

As an upcoming Freshmen at UW-Madison, you will soon understand that College Library will be one of your favorite library due to it being 24-Hours. As you are into your deep studies, you will soon realize that it is past 2 am and there are no buses in transit anymore. This is when pepper spray comes in hand!

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Protection and Safety

As you walk onto campus you can tell the night life is quite prevalent. Having pepper spray is completely legal and can provide a sense of safety for yourself and others. Most freshmen are located in the dorms of Southeast and Lakeshore, which can be quite sketchy during the night time.

Lakeshore Dormitories

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Lakeshore Dormitories are quite far away from College Library and State Street. Without the usage of Uber, Lyft, or public transportation, walking back to your dorms at night could be quite scary. Lakeshore path usually does not contain too many lights, and could leave groups and individuals to potential threats!

Southeast Dormitories

Southeast dorms may have a lot more street lights and may seem a lot safer, but it has some of the highest rates of Sexual Assault cases in the area. It is located near State Street, which contains some of the biggest bars in Madison. Having pepper spray will give yourself or group a sense of safety in these areas where there are a large population of intoxication during the night time.

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