The Perfect Show for your Freshmen Year Woes

Bill Hader, well-known comedian who got his start on Saturday Night Live, stars in HBO’s Barry. This show can be streamed on HBO Max, and that alone should tell you this is a quality show.

Freshmen year can be stressful, and as a result it can be hard to find the right show to watch. Funny, non-serious shows are appealing because they feel like less of a commitment. Serious shows are appealing because they really draw you in and storylines extend beyond multiple episodes.

The right in-between for you just might be Barry, which is about a man who has been an assassin his whole life and stumbles into an acting class in Los Angeles and realizes that he wants to become an actor, or at least stop being a killer. Covering almost all major elements of entertainment, anyone can love this show.

There is comedy at the forefront of this show, as Barry finds himself in many corny and ironic situations, learning to become an actor while trying to get past his killing history. On the other hand, Barry deals with many emotional struggles including love, morality, and identity as he has many manipulating people around him.

Despite all the emotions addressed in the show, the comedy is what makes it so lovable. At the end of the day, Barry is dealing with very dark things, but the side characters get their spotlights to keep the whole show lighthearted and maintain a positive outlook for Barry, when in reality he is constantly fighting to have some sort of normal life for the first time in his life.

Check out the season 1 trailer here:

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