The Last Dance

Everything has been going great- prom was a blast, graduation is around the corner, and you could not be more excited to go to college. However, you still have 2-3 months before you head out. To make the most of it, here are three ways to structure your summer plans that will give you closure and the best summer ever by focusing on key points in your life.


For me, prioritizing the past means making sure I get the closure I need before I part ways with home. Catching up with people you haven’t in a while, visiting spots in town that are special to you, and reminiscing with friends, are all great ways to hit on this.


The present is all about making the most of this moment. Doing activities like creating a bucket list, going on trips, hitting the beach with your friends is the perfect way to enjoy it. 


Lastly, make time for your future. Whether this means taking the time to reach out to other incoming badger freshmen or taking days to yourself to relax before leaving, this is just a reminder to think about all the good things that are coming your way, and how can you put yourself in the best position for them.  

Remember, it’s not about counting down the days but making the days count!

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