4 Tips for Learning & Succeeding in College

So, you’re finally heading off to college.  You’re looking forward to making new friends, exploring campus, and being independent.  

Nobody will hassle you about whether or not you’ve done your homework.  But, you’ve also heard college is more challenging than high school.  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  

With these simple study tips, you can live your best life and still get the kind of grades you’ll need for graduate school.

  1. Exercise:  While this may seem counterintuitive, regular exercise will keep your circulation and your brain in tip-top shape.  It will also minimize counterproductive anxiety and stress.
  2. Earbuds:  A set of wireless earbuds is a terrific investment.  If your focus is challenged by your roommate(s) and other distractions, wireless earbuds and a good playlist are a godsend — helping you to focus on the task at hand, rather than your surroundings.
  3. Review Daily:  It sounds dull, but skimming over previous readings and notes every day is a terrific (and easy) memory trick.  You’ll be surprised how much this seemingly tedious task will help your learning retention.
  4. Schedule, schedule, schedule:  Programming your study times, and breaks, will help ensure that you’re putting in the time necessary to master material long before finals week.  For every class hour, count on at least two hours of independent work per week.

These simple tips will put you firmly on the path to success, and ensure you have some fun along the way.

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