The Cheapest, Most Affordable Way to Live Lakeside

While it seems like living in UW’s Southeast dorms is becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to make sure you don’t overlook the great options that Lakeshore has to offer. Many of the Lakeshore dorms are a bus ride or a very sweaty bike ride away from classes, but there’s one that beats the distance while offering plenty of other pros.

Why you should consider living in Elizabeth Waters Hall:

  • The cheapest lakefront property you’ll ever get a chance to live inĀ – When I was touring before freshman year, this is the tagline that my guide offered that made Liz stand out. It’s a staircase away from Lakeshore path, and from the north end of the dorm, you can see the lake from your window.
  • It’s acceptable to wear your pajamas to breakfast – Unlike the Southeast dorms, Liz has a dining hall in its basement, which means you don’t have to brave the cold winter mornings just to grab some breakfast. The dining hall was also recently renovated, so it offers the same options that Gordon Commons does.
  • You’re centrally locatedĀ – From Liz, it’s only about a five minute walk to Bascom Hill, where most of your freshman classes will likely be, and even closer to Social Science, Ingraham and Van Hise.
  • You’re not living in a closet – Though not as big as the rooms that Ogg, Smith and DeJope have to offer, Liz’s rooms are significantly bigger than Sellery and Witte’s, which means more room for activities.

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