Roommate or RoomHate, you choose.

Let’s be real, roommates can be a hassle- from the moment you move in freshmen year, until the day you own your own housing, roommates will always be a topic of discussion. That being said- the discussion could be a very positive and engaging one. One way to look at the age-old roommate debacle is to break it down into categories of small questions.

  • Opinion on cleanliness
  • Night life and social activities
  • Sleep habits
  • Academic and life goals

But not everyone lives in such straightforward, same-sex, living conditions freshmen year. Due to this, there are many other factors that come into play when searching for housing. The article referenced at the bottom of the page, brought to you by ThoughtCatalog, lays out various criteria for evaluating new roommates based on the needs and values you hold within your life. Including same-sex versus bi-sex housing, transportation needs, cleanliness, and food preferences.

To conclude, UW-Madison has an excellent roommate and freshmen year housing program. If you find yourself without a roommate you can check out the UW-Madison class page for your respective graduating year. From here you can post biographies about yourself and anything that you might think a potential future roommate should know about yourself. If all that does not work, do not worry! Madison has a random roommate function that allows freshmen to be randomly paired with another freshmen, this can lead to positive or negative roommate relationships depending on the values of each person.


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