Southeast vs. Lakeshore: The Pros and Cons

You’ve finally received your dorm assignment and you’re either entirely excited or terribly devastated.  Have no fear, both neighborhoods have their pros and cons, and you’ll find either to be the perfect home away from home.

Lakeshore Pros:

  • Beautiful scenery: You’ve been given your own lake house at the the age of 18! Just steps away from Lake Mendota and the Lakeshore Path, your nature side will always be content.
  • Quiet study space:  There is almost no need to sprint to College Library for the perfect spot because the dorms are quiet enough to relax and study in.
  • Game days: Step outside of your dorm and you can practically feel Camp Randall.  Lakeshore is perfect for the quick dash over to the game.


Southeast Pros:

  • Proximity to night life: Steps away from State Street, Bassett Street and Langdon, the Southeast neighborhood will be quite easy on the feet.
  • Workout facilities: Cyc, Inner Fire Yoga, Anytime Fitness, the SERF, and more are all within a five minute walking span.
  • Basketball Frenzy:  Moments away from the Kohl Center, Southeast provides the swiftest walk to basketball games.


Lakeshore Cons:

  • Distances to major libraries: Sure Steenbock is close, but for the best study spots, it’s a little bit of a hike.
  • Separation of boy and girl floors: If  you’re looking for your new best guy friend, you’ll have to take the hike up the stairs!

Southeast Cons:

  • Noise Level:  Often times the street noise combined with noise of your floor can make it difficult to fall asleep or study well.

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