Studying Tips From A Social Butterfly

Studying and social butterfly seem like an unlikely pair right? Not anymore…

Photo by college.library

Coming to college, I felt like high school had prepared me well. But, I’d be lying if I told you my first semester Freshman year grades were perfect. That semester taught me how to adjust to the different type of academic environment and what was required of me to keep my eyes on the prize. Study tips truly are so helpful, no matter what age, and especially at a school as academically challenging as UW-Madison.

As you can see in the title, I like to think of myself as a bit of a social butterfly. College is a lot of social and at the beginning it can be difficult to find the balance when you’re at the library with your friends to really zone in and focus. Here are some things I learned (when we were still going to the library pre-COVID!!):

  1. Find your focus place. I discovered the Historical Library was my place to go between classes when I had something big upcoming due (or last minute essay revisions) and needed 0 distractions, even from myself.
  2. THE SILENT SECTION SAVIOR!! The silent section in College Library became a massive game changer for me. It literally forces you to only focus on your work because you truly can hear a pin drop. There may be groups at tables or a bunch of singled-off desks, but it is SILENT. When you are responsible for yourself, that silence is an inner motivation to zone in and study. P.S. I would still sit at a table with my friends, but the required silence cuts out 99% of the funny business.
  3. Remember to take breaks! The biggest thing I had to learn was that sometimes, adding in breaks to get a drink or snack from the main floor or go into the loud section to regroup with your friends can actually help your focus, not hurt it. It allows you to reset and go back to your work with a fresh mind and motivation.

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