Cut Down on Screen Time When Possible.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, I found myself spending drastically more time on my phone and laptop than ever before. Online school made me exhausted, both mentally and physically. Taking breaks has always seemed like its own task that I’ve never been great at. Here are three ways I take a break from digital distractions to spend rejuvenating, quiet time with myself and quality time with others.

1. Read a physical book, or go for a walk to listen to a podcast.

Many professors have provided online reading materials to cut down on the costliness of textbooks. I, for one, am appreciative of the accommodation although it does add to the stress of not being able to pull away from my laptop. Reading outside of class is a relaxing and fun activity that can provide as much entertainment as a tv show! 

2. Establish a self care routine.

Working out, painting your nails, making a new recipe, or putting on a face mask are all examples of caring for yourself. One of my favorite activities is to bake cookies with my roommate, even if they come out hard as a rock every now and then. Valuing your body’s needs is important as a busy college student.

 3. Host a board game night.

Getting your friends together to play a game of Catan or a few rounds of Catchphrase is hard to beat. I’ve witnessed that playing games with friends facilitates a strong bonding experience sure to bring out silly moments. I recommend planning ahead by designating a game night on the same night of every month so that it can serve as a date to look forward to.

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