Get Up and Move into your Study Break!

Study breaks are a crucial part of making it through exams and especially finals! No one can study 24/7 no matter how hard you try. It’s important to give yourself a mental break to stay sharp and focused during your study time.

I have found that the best study break is to get active. You spend so much time sitting and staring at a computer screen, why not get up and move! My favorite way to stay active during a busy semester is to make time for the gym between study sessions. It may seem like a waste of your time, but trust me, it will actually save you time in the long run.

Taking time for yourself is important. Getting active and to the gym will allow for a needed mental break and will enable you to get up and move around instead of remaining sedentary all day. 

Studying for shorter periods of time allows you better recall the information. This will actually allow you to spend less time studying than you would if you took no breaks, not to mention save your mental health during already stressful times.

Take it from me, find a way to take a break, and get active. It will leave you full of energy and with a clear head to take on the next study topic!

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