So You Have a Place to Live.. but How Do You Afford All of Those Utilities?


My first two years of college was a financial breeze (well… with rent). Living in the dorms, you do not realize how much rent can cost since you only have two semester payments. As a college student trying to move into their own place, utilities seem like a small thing to think about. However, the cost of internet, water, gas, electric, and so on can really add up. After the dorms, I moved into an charming (AKA old) house with a few friends. We thought it would be perfect! Rent was cheap and parking was free. What could be better? Well once the winter months came, we got hit hard. We paid at least $200 each for utilities in November! Here are three quick and easy ways that my roommates and I used to try to save on our utility bills.

  1. Turn off unnecessary things when you leave a room. For example:
    1. Lights: You are not trying to land a plane in the dark. You do not need every light in the house on.
    2. Television/music: You’re house pet does not need entertainment.
  2. Wash your laundry when you have a full load: Washing five articles of clothes every day is going to get costly fast.
  3. Keep the heat at a reasonable temperature: Yes, it gets cold in the winter, but throw blankets are more than a cute decoration. Lowering the heat when no one is home will also help with costs.

Living by yourself or with a roommate(s) in college is so much fun. Do not let money get in the way of making memories that will last a lifetime.

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