Choose an Actual House for Housing

October of my freshman year was a blur of picking roommates, apartment tours and my mom asking, “Do you seriously need to sign a lease this early?”. In this haste to sign, some of my friends chose to share rooms in “luxury” apartment buildings for absurd prices, and others had to live far from campus in low quality apartments. However, me and my roommates managed to side step these residential mistakes by choosing to live in an apartment within a house.

While not every house is the perfect living situation and can have problems like any residence, my roommates and I found that the majority of houses were well worth the price. Most were much cheaper and spacious compared to those luxury apartment buildings. Though houses do not have added amenities like a pool or fitness center, paying hundreds less for a single room and free parking is well worth it. With this, while you can find similar prices in cheap apartment buildings, you get neither the space, parking or ideal location.

The fact that most houses come unfurnished can be a major limiting factor for many people. However, me and my roommates were able to fairly easily gather all the needed furniture for the apartment from our respective households. Even if you do have to buy a few things, you are investing in something that can be used for years in future apartments and houses.

Our house easily became the premier hangout for our friend-group and I encourage all students to never discount houses as a premier living option.

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Enjoy your college experience with all your best friends in a house.

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