No, Ramen Is Not The College Super Food

Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean ramen has to be a staple of your diet. Let me tell you from first-hand experience that surviving off ramen is completely unrealistic and extremely unhealthy.

Let me tell you a little story.

My first month and a half of college, I had this crazy notion in my mind that I had to go crazy saving money and only eat the cheapest food — which was ramen. First of all, you can find ways to eat healthy on a budget, it’s truly not that hard.

Second of all, the amount of salt you are putting into your body every time you eat ramen is awful. During my experience, not only was I chocked full of salt, but I wasn’t drinking enough water. I walked around campus like a zombie and would have intense vertigo every time I walked anywhere.

I remember when my brother decided to treat me to lunch, I almost didn’t make it back to the table because my vision started going black. While your case of ramen fever may not be as intense, I highly suggest never letting it get this close.

There are plenty of ways to keep your diet within your budget! Here are five tips to help you lower your food budget while not starving yourself — there are many ways, but these will get you started:

  1. Cook for yourself
  2. Avoid dining halls and eating out every night
  3. Buy off-brand food
  4. Portion sizes — ration food to make it last longer
  5. Plan your meals ahead of time so food won’t go to waste

Stay healthy my friends.


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