Study…. Snacks

There is a million ways to study, and about the same amount of tips to help make your studying better. I however think one important piece of advice doesn’t have anything to do with how you study instead how you prepare to study. My biggest study tip is pack your self a snack. There many reasons why this is helpful and why it can make your study experience better.

One reason this is helpful is because it can help save you money. If you buy a snack at the lib you’ll end over paying for a tiny bag of unsatisfying chips. Going to Fresh and buying a bag of popcorn & some ziplock bags will allow you to be prepared from multiple nights at the lib. (popcorn is a great cheap & healthy snack)

Another reason you should bring is a snack is because it will help keep you focused. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of reading a giant text book and have your stomach growling. Your focus will shift from the book straight to your stomach. You can check out a list of snacks that will really help you stay focused here.

Overall, it is important to make your study experience as positive as possible so find a healthy snack you can munch on while reading through all your notes and textbooks. You will end up saving money and keeping your brain (and stomach) happy.

Check out my favorite study snack:

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