Make this Winter Break the Best Yet. Don’t leave your bed. You heard me.

Let’s be honest. Going skiing or travelling somewhere warm sounds pretty great to a college student in Wisconsin. It’s even better for Instagram opportunities. But realistically, you’re burnt out. You just spent a week crying in libraries and sprinting between exams in blizzards. You absolutely do not want to leave your bed. I get it. Instead of going back into the cold or worrying about a beach body in January, test out some of these games you can play from the safety (and comfort) of your bed.

1.) Stardew Valley
The highest rated and most awarded game in recent years, bring your post-exam cortisol levels down with this calming and cute farming simulator. The best part? You get to adopt unlimited farm animals and name them adorable things. Did I mention they’re adorable?

2.) Cuphead
Make your parents think you’re re-taking Math 222 with your screams of frustration over this addicting action runner that looks like it’s straight out of 1930’s cartoons.

3.) Papers, Please
In this emotional game, you’re a communist border control agent. Make tough moral choices and try to keep your family alive. Write about this one in your Philosophy class next semester.

4.) Slime Rancher
Haven’t you always wanted to own a farm of adorable little pastel blob creatures? Duh. Be the weird farmer of your fantasies with this dream-like and calming ranching simulator

5.) Poly Bridge
Keep your spatial skills in check with this cute and occasionally infuriating civil-engineering challenge. Create bridge-like structures to drive, sling, or launch vehicles to the end goal.

So, give gaming a shot. Anything to get away from the reality of grades, am I right?

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