Make the most of your first semester by taking CP125!

A new environment can be terrifying

Freshman year is a year of change. You are living in a different place with a potential stranger. This campus might be a new environment for you and navigating your way around it will take some getting used to.

Getting used to a huge university means getting help along the way

Counseling Psychology 125, or the The Wisconsin Experience, introduces students to the beautiful UW campus and its specialities. The class encourages students to take advantage of the amazing things that the university has to offer by providing them with resources, ways to get involved, and help to make sure they get the most out of their college experience.

Mo’ credits, mo’ problems!

The class is one credit, one day a week, and offered in the Fall. Instructor Steffie Halverson was the absolute best and truly cared about each of her students. She conducted activities and seminars to not only get to know the campus, but to relax and take a break from our busy, hard schedules.

Small classes have large benefits

The course is small, ranging from 20-30 students. It is interactive and discussion based. The discussions force students to become confident with their thoughts while getting them out of their comfort zone. The workload is manageable and fun.

While the course may only be one credit, students learn how to make the most of their first semester which is worth way more.

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