A Relevant Class for Everyone

While deciding what class you want to take for this upcoming semester, you may be thinking: What class will I be able to apply to my everyday life? The answer for you is Com Art 345: Online Communication & Personal Relationships. Let me tell you why.

About the Course

Com Arts 345: Online Communication & Personal Relationships is a 3 credit course. This class dives deep into how communication via technology plays a role in managing personal relationships. When I took this course in Spring 2019, there were about 55 students in the class. The professor I had was Mina Choi. I highly recommend her! She made the class easy to follow and super fun. Unfortunately, this class is not available for the Fall 2019 semester, but I would suggest checking it out for the Spring 2020 semester!

My Experience

My experience in the class was very enjoyable. The class met every Tuesday & Thursday from 1-2:15pm. It was a perfect time length for the material. I found my self very interested in the lectures along with the studies that Professor Choi would show us, which were very intriguing. Each week I found myself telling my friends and family about the material I learned. Overall, I learned a lot about online platforms, including apps, and how they influence my relationships.

Would You Benefit?

If you are asking yourself whether or not you should take this class, the answer is YES! If you use any technology in your life, including your cell phone, and if you have any relationship with another human being, then you would benefit from this course. You will learn how a simple Facebook comment can affect your relationship with your best friend and how SnapChat can make your romantic partner jealous. Trust me, it is very interesting material that you will not regret learning about.

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