LSC 360: an Easy Class With a Fun Payoff

Everyone’s making a podcast now. But is making audio entertainment really that easy? Can anyone pick up Adobe Audition and make something that’s fun to listen to? Learning the basics is as simple as enrolling in LSC 360: Information Radio; here, I’ll tell you what you do in the class and what to expect.

LSC 360 is a three-credit class that focuses on creating radio content. Students will learn how to write and edit for the radio, how to use Adobe Audition, and how to have a stronger voice. Additionally, students will learn how to write advertisements, interviews, newscasts, and PSA’s. It can also fulfill your Comm B requirement (and Digital Practices for those with a Digital Studies certificate)!

The class has a max of about 20 students. People who like intimate classes will feel comfortable here. The professor, Larry Meiller, tries to get to know everyone personally. Larry himself hosts his own show on WPR, and has mentored several graduate students throughout his many years at UW-Madison.

After finishing this course, I’ve learned how to properly write my radio scripts, how to sound mix, how to make my audience feel like I’m talking directly to them. I’m basically my own NPR, and you can be too with LSC 360.

LSC 360 is available this upcoming fall 2019 semester.

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