Why “funky” is the very best fashion compliment you can get!

It takes a bold person to take “funky” as a compliment. So why not go for it? Being funky makes you unique and gets you noticed. You should be flattered by the word because funky is beyond style. It’s about attitude, which honestly is the best sense of fashion. Being brave enough to feel flattered by such a double-edged descriptor—sometimes good, sometimes bad—gives you a force-field against expectations. 

Now, here are some tips and tricks to get more of it in your lives and closet:

  1. Embrace the funk: it helps you grow bolder. Funky means different but cool and exciting. It even goes so far as to add “unconventionally modern or stylish.” Who cares if you get stares? Don’t give anyone a reason to ignore you! 
  2. Follow your dog’s funky lead: sometimes, to enjoy something, you must roll around in it. Mess around and get dirty with clothes—mix and match. And don’t be afraid of trial and error. 
  3. Don’t overthink: just grab what works from wherever you find it. You might be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtlessness. Plus, it makes the dressing process quick and easy—an efficient approach. 
  4. Funky jewelry has meaning: My jewelry is a kind of talisman. I have a silver oyster pendant with a pearl in it bought in New Orleans. It can be symbolic and is a good starting point to developing a “brand” if you want. 

So it’s time for you to let your funky flag fly! When someone says, “You’re kind of funky,” give a fist pump. Call us funky, bold, brazen, different, unique—just don’t be ignored.

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