How not to miss being the TOP fashion on campus?

I’m sure every first-year student who comes to UW-Madison is ready to be as much of a star in the crowd as the lovely Badgers. Maybe you’ve got plenty of down jackets to get you through the long winter days, perhaps you’ve bought yourself new snow-proof boots, but never forget the “top” item of clothing – the hat! In Madison, whenever you need a stylish hat to light up your whole outfit, let you become “You”!

Baseball Cap

Baseball hats are definitely a great choice all year round. When the end of the day, maybe you are wearing a sweatshirt with leggings, then you can just grab a baseball cap and put it on your head, making you look casual but energetic. When you are running around to different classes so much that you don’t have time to do your hair for the evening internship meeting, a baseball cap with style can cover up your messy hair and bring a positive feeling to others! And of course, don’t forget to wear the best Badger styles on game day. You can always get them at the university bookstore!

Cuffed Beanie

Always be prepared for Madison’s winter best! When you’re tired of down jackets and snow boots, don’t overlook the hats that are sure to make you a fashionista, the Cuffed Beanie is the best for you when you get here. It is warm and versatile. Walking on the state street, with a cup of latte, a black down jacket, and a colored cold hat, you will immediately turn into the scene of Paris Fashion Week!

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