How to turn a campus into a home

No matter where you are from or the size of the town you called home, moving to a school with over 50,000 individuals is extremely overwhelming. However, that feeling of loneliness doesn’t have to last long.

Meeting people is as easy as 1-2-3

Explore the possibility of Greek life.

Although there has been a stigma around the Panhellenic community for years, one that even shaped my opinions on it, the University of Wisconsin’s Greek traditions have proven me wrong. Joining a sorority or even just going through the process of rush allows you to meet individuals you will always remember.

Getting the opportunity to volunteer, to act in a play and step outside of my comfort zone, and to create lasting friendships within Alpha Phi has been an experience I can’t help but promote. The period of growth you experience throughout your first few months of college is immense and it is that growth that allowed me to open up to strangers and form a community with women pursuing so many of the same goals as me.

It is women like them that I met that made the decision to rush, so, so worth it.

Look into all that the Center for Leadership and Involvement has to offer.

This University of Wisconsin resource is one that many freshman students use to meet people and find a community in. Along with that, this group develops students leadership skills through the many clubs and activities that they offer. This overarching group hovers over the many different organizations at UW and promotes them at student org fairs, through social media, and at the Red Gym at its home location.

The main goal for this ‘Center’ is to get people involved and active on campus. So for freshman looking to meet like minded individuals, this is a perfect place to start.

Rely on the people closest to you.

Literally. The people on your dorm floor will be the people that you see everyday and will go to if you need anything. It is important that you attempt to form a relationship with them and get to know who they are.

It is important to remember that everyone around you is in the same position and would love to meet more students. Recognize that and make it easy on yourself by focussing your efforts on creating friendships with them first, before anyone else.

With the help of these things, life truly at UW is great. Putting yourself out there is frightening, but so so worth it when you are able to now call it home.

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