Envygram Story: UW-Madison Freshman Night Life

envy·gram story

/ˈenvē.ɡræm/ /ˈstôrē/


1. An Instagram story designed to create envy from those who follow you.  In this post particularly useful for freshman students seeking to make their home friends jealous.

“she felt a twinge of regret for not attending UW-Madison after watching his envygram story”

This envygram list is designed specifically for UW-Madison freshman during their first weeks of school when the weather is good and their fake IDs are bad. #soberfun

Image result for babcock ice cream

Ice-cream at the terrace.  Overwhelmed by what to get?  Check out this ranking of Babcock ice-cream.  

  • hashtags: #babcock #freshman15 #uwmadison
  • feature: boomerang ice-cream cheers, stop-motion a lick

Image result for the terrace uw madison

A terrace sunset.

  • hashtags: #whyUW
  • feature: normal picture

A live performer.  Check out the WUD’s site to see what acts are coming to the terrace.

  • hashtags: #(insert performer) #vibes
  • feature: normal video

Hit up Camp Trippalindee for rooftop fire pits with s’mores and giant Jenga.

  • hashtags: #camptrippalindee #jenga #fire #smores
  • feature: stop-motion falling Jenga

Rent BCycles and bike car-free state street to the Capitol. *disclaimer: please do not story while biking and crash*

  • hashtags: #newwhip #bcycle #zoomzoom
  • feature: normal video

Jump in Lake Mendota.

  • hashtags: #freethenip #fullmoons #lakelife
  • feature: rewind the splash

Image result for ian's pizza

Scurry back to the dorm to dry off and order some late night Ian’s Pizza.

  • hashtags: #goodpizza #goodlife #goodnight #ians
  • feature: superzoom the za

If you complete the list tag us at #envygramUWmadison




terrace at sunset picture







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