5 Fall and Winter Nighttime Activities to Keep you Warm and Entertained

When the nights start to get colder and it gets dark out sooner, sometimes it becomes harder to fun things to do on these nights during the fall and winter months. From my time at Madison, I have found to staying happy and warm during fall and winter is actually not done by staying bundled up indoors all day and night, but instead by doing fun, seasonal activities. It’s so easy during the warmer months to spend all day and night outside, so what do you do when you’re tired of hibernating indoors? Here are 5 activities to do in Madison for the nights you’re not going out or studying:


  1. Madison Parks Hayrides

When a chill starts to hang in the air and the leaves begin to fall, that means Halloween is near. Madison Parks Hayrides is the perfect activity to get you excited for the fall and winter months instead of dreading their arrival.


  1. Moon Over Monona Terrace

Since I have been born and raised in Los Angeles, the only times I truly get to see the stars is in the Midwest. Therefore, heading over to the Monona terrace in the fall to view the moon and other celestial objects is the perfect activity for a casual yet fun night.


  1. Winter Activities at Tenney Park

Instead of dreading the cold, dreary aspects of winter, bundle up and head to to Tenney Park to enjoy the snow with some fun outdoor activities! This park offers activities ranging from ice skating to snow mini golf.


  1. Sun Prairie Fall Festival

Another way to get into the fall spirit is at the Sun Prairie Fall Festival. Here you can find fun activities such as arts and crafts stations, face painting, and even horse drawn carriage rides!


  1. Attend a Green Packers Game

Fall is the best time to see the Packers play in person, so make sure to head over to a game in the fall before it gets too cold. A perfect way to spend a night!

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