Dishes and Laundry and Payments, oh my!

When it comes to college, there is a huge difference from when you were in high school. You are on your own. Yes you can go home as you please, but the key to adulting is trying to stay on your own as much as possible. When it comes to adulting, there are three things that come to my mind: dishes, laundry, and payments. At home your mom may have done most of your dishes. At college, you are going to have to do your own. It is a responsibility that you hold that if you don’t do, things will get really gross. So, I would recommend doing your dishes right when you finish eating. If you let them sit there it will get gross. Second, laundry. Again, at home your parents may have done your own laundry. At college you must keep up on laundry because eventually you will run out of clothes. Yes, you can reuse clothes, but it will get smelly and gross. Laundry is not that difficult to do, you just have to find the time to get it done while keeping up on the rest of your responsibilities. Lastly, payments. Throughout college you are going to have to pay for stuff. Whether it’s textbooks or cable, a bill will come eventually. It is especially important to keep track of this stuff and get it paid on time. If you don’t, things will get more expensive and on a college budget it is just not worth it. Adulting is tough once you get here at UW-Madison, but with the right attitude, it can get a whole lot easier.

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