Adulting is Routine

Suddenly you are on your own. No parents telling you what to do. They are not making your breakfast with you anymore, driving you to school, to sports practice and more.

You are on your own. I mean you have all the friends that you have and the friends that you are going to make but you are on your own!

For some of you this might be the first time you are on your own for this long of a time or first time you are on your own.

There are so many tips that I can give you on how to be a “successful” college adult and adult tips but the main one that I will tell you is to find time to exercise.

Your days at college are long and stressful but never too long that you can’t fit a workout in. Exercising is the perfect way for you to clear your head, give your mind a rest from work and allow yourself to reset.

Being an adult to me is all about making yourself have good habits that you can maintain and they will be part of your everyday routine.

There are a bunch of places to workout on campus, whether you want to walk/run on the lakeshore path, go to the UW Natatorium or join a gym local to campus your options are endless.

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