Future’s So Bright… Don’t Forget Your Shades!!

One of the best things about attending UW-Madison is that you get to experience a luxury not many schools have—all four seasons. While the winters can bring terrifyingly low temperatures, it’s all worth it when you’re sitting at Memorial Union Terrace on a beautiful spring day. It may seem stressful to have to pack for all four seasons, but there is one accessory that I guarantee will save you year round…SUNGLASSES!

Aside from saving you on the obvious sunny days, your sunglasses will come in handy during the coldest of days as well. In Wisconsin, there’s a good chance you’ll experience multiple feet of snow. This snow can be BRIGHT! It’s crucial to carry your sunglasses with you at all times to shield your eyes from the bright white winter wonderland surrounding you. 

Freshman year, I learned that sunnies come in clutch for reasons unrelated to the weather. For example, when you’re walking to class Friday morning (not feeling your best) and the light is simply too much to handle. Or for me, the walk home from my first college exam when I needed to hide a tear or two. 

Regardless of the weather or experience, I found that I wouldn’t have survived freshman year without my sunglasses. Sunglasses can be found at all price points, so if you’re the type that’ll break your sunnies on game day there’s no need to splurge. If you need help finding some, I’ve linked a few good sites below!

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