Deciding on a Major? Follow These Types From a Fellow Junior!

So you have decided on the university you are going to, but you are still not sure what major you will pursue. Follow these tips that will hopefully make this choice a little easier for you.

Join Student Orgs

Student organizations are a great way to explore various fields without much commitment. There are more than a thousand student orgs in UW-Madison that cover almost all fields!

A photo of Kohl Center where most organization fairs take place!
Photo taken from media library in this website.

Try Different Courses

You can expirment and take a few introductory courses in multiple fields to see where you find yourself. Take an art class, try a programming course, or try psychology. And if you try a course and did not like it you can simply drop it and look for other options.

Ask Others

Do not be too shy, ask others! It is okay to ask other students for advice or guidance, especially older students. I have found most people in UW to be very welcoming and ready to help. Ask them how they chose their majors and why.

Sit With Advisors

Academic advisors are a great resource for most of your academic questions. They can always provide helpful insights.

Reflect with yourself

I have found sitting and reflecting with myself very helpful in times of making big decisions. Grab a pen and a paper and start writing what comes to your mind. Think of what you have enjoyed in the past, think of your capabilities, and think of what your future might look like.

It has always been a hard decision to make, but with these tips, I hope I gave you some guidance.

My first time seeing Bascom Hall in my freshman year. Photo by me

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