The 4 Best Ways to Network in College

Networking is a skill that must be developed over time. Many career opportunities come from networking connections to different circles, communities, and people. If you need advice on how to network as a new college student, read this list below for some helpful tips!

1. Make friends in class. Your classmates could be your future coworkers or even employers. It’s beneficial to make a good, lasting impression on those around you, especially if you are studying the same major. You can work together on projects and presentations, plus connect one another with even more people you each know.

2. Join clubs with members who have similar aspirations. It’s great to find people with similar interests outside of the classroom. That way you can boost the amount of connections you are making. Additionally, you will be able to network with older students getting ready to graduate and seek advice and/or opportunities from them. You can search UW-Madison’s list of clubs and organizations here!

3. Make strong connections with your professors. Your professor knows a lot of people, including current students, past students, co-workers, their old classmates, etc. You’d be surprised at how many students find internships because of the opportunities their professors provide them with.

4. Create a LinkedIn profile. You will be able to network with potential employers this way and show off your resume and experience. A strong LinkedIn presence will help potential employers get a sense of the student you are. Additionally, you can stay connected with students of similar majors and career aspirations.

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