The ONLY College Career FAQ you’ll EVER need read!

Upon graduation, we students all feel that college is the great equalizer when it comes to finding the career that best suits us, but with no experience it can be overwhelming not knowing what the first steps look like. Fear not young freshman, for this blog with cover the basics of getting into the world-of-work post high school!

“I have certain things I’m interested in, but I don’t know exactly what I want to do!”

Apply, apply, apply! The great thing about UW-Madison is just how big it is, there’s roles out there for everyone. There’s sports departments, science, law, whatever you can think of, and many roles within those departments. Apply to what you can just to get a foot in the door, and from there you can gain experience about what you actually like to do within that department. College is all about figuring out who you are!

“How do I begin to create a network for myself

Once you get your job, trying adding your co-workers and higher-ups on LinkedIn, it’s a great way to stay in touch with your co-workers after your job is over. Click this article if you want to get started on LinkedIn

The other answer is career fairs! UW-Madison is almost always hosting career fairs covering many fields. Just show up with your resume in hand, and be ready to start talking to some people with experience!

UW-Madison is always hosting career fairs, like this one at the Kohl Center!

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