Can’t Catch a Break?

There’s a whole lot of studying and partying in college, but what about that awkward time in between? Don’t just stay locked up in your dorm all day with your textbook waiting for the next celebration. Make sure to give yourself lots of study breaks to check in with your mental health! When I take a study break, I typically do one of these 3 things:


How do you practice mindfulness as a study break?? Great question! You can do anything from checking in on yourself, taking time to reflect on your day, go to a DragonFly yoga class, or do a short meditation session from Youtube in your own room! Anything that you can do for yourself- that’s mindfullness!

Party games!

Party games don’t always have to happen at parties! If the weather is nice, go to Library Mall and bring a game of Spike Ball or corn hole. You can even play water pong in your own room if you have a table! Blow off some steam!

Game Pigeon!

Similar to party games, but with a virtual twist! Madison winter got you down? Take out your phone, download Game Pigeon, and simply text your friends a link! You can play anything from pool, to cup pong, to my personal favorite, battle ship! These quick games allow you have some fun with friends while keeping your mind sharp.

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